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Offspring 2022

In 2022 we have had 5 births of pure arabian horses in the stud:

1. Ambasador (Dominic M x Antiqua/Pogrom (PL))
2. Etolka  (EKS Farajj x Erebora/Empire)
3. Diva NA (Dominic M x Diaruna/Vitorio TO)
4. Peloponez (Mikon x Peluza/Fire Fighter)
5. Pretorian (Hash OSB x Pentoria/El Omari (PL))


El Farida sold during the main auction Pride of Poland 2022

El Farida was sold to Saudi Arabia during the national main auction Pride of Poland 2022 in Janów Podlaski. Congratulations to the new owners! Wish you a lot of joy with this beautiful mare breeded Nana Arabians stud. Hopefully she will bring a lot of bright in the future breeding!

El Farida NA in Paris 2021

El Farida NA (RFI Farid - Esmeta/Ekstern) during the World Arabian Horse Championships 2021 has gained 10th place in her class. This is the first time of Nana Arabians as a breeder on Paris Show!